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川島テキスタイルスクール修了展 18:48
「hello tinytoadstool project」の途中ミニ報告展です。

 日本の方にもっと「hello tinytoadstool project」を知ってもらうために、

the graduate exhibition of my old school ---Kawashima Textile School.
I will participate as an alumnus this time,
and  show parts works of my one man exhibition of some days ago,
and a report exhibition in the middle of "hello tinytoadstool project."
because I want to introduce our project to Japan!

recent I will make a new blog of 3 languages of hello tinytoadstool project,
of course, I must do exhibitions for our project after the travel beret backs to Japan.
and I also hope to publish a book for it if it is possible:)

the mushrooms in which the flowers bloom 01:25


my one man exhibition will start from Saturday of this week. 
the theme means tiny toadstool---the mushrooms in which the flowers bloom. 
I will upload my new berets after the exhibition:)

and my first workshop of this year is how to make a pompom scarf,
like this

tiny pompom snow2 snow2 detail

see you XO

so, the winners of tinytoadstool contest are..... 21:08
I have been busy with working,
so I have to announce who the winner is now!
it was very very difficult to choose!
I love lots of them!!
but I had to decide the top3 of mine!!
they are

"Sky" 何俊彦&孙菡卿, 16old, from Shang Hai of China.


"Female Pinocchio " Felicia,16old,from Jakarta of Indonesia


"rain" 邊禹安, 18old, from Taipei of TaiWan


Congratulations, guys!!!
you are so young, but did nice work!!

There were three points in the decision of them.

first was drawing.
they were very intelligible!
I could image what kind of hat it becomes and what kind of material to use when I saw them.

second was design.
they were very original!
I could read a fantastic story in each design,
and can't wait to make them in fun texture!!

third was balance.
the beret is a art work at the same time it is a hat,
and felt is different from knitting,
the excessive decoration make the hat look very heavy.
I thought they had good balance to wear:)

I will send a message to the winners next week:)
and make their berets in this month then show them to you!
of course, I will present them after my one-man show:D

thank you, all participant!!!
you guys inspired me!!!
as a thanks, I'd like to send a X'mas card to you,
so please send me your address if you want:D

thank you everyone!
have a good evening:)

design your tinytoadstool contest 10:53
good morning, everyone:)
did you remember my design your tinytoadstool design contest?
I was so excited to receive lots of fun design from lovely peopleXD
I was inspired by them!!
thank you, guys:DDD
I will announce who the winner is on 14th,
though it is very difficult to choose!!
I made a album for it on my facebook, enjoy them:)
design your tinytoadstool contest album

design your tinytoadstool contest
design your tinytoadstool contest 22:33
this contest was inspired by wonderful Jane of sea of shoes Spring Fashion Art Contest.

design and win a original tinytoadstool beret of U.

you design a tintoadstool beret and send it to me, I will choose my favorite 1~3pics to make, and will show them in my one man exhibition on Jan of next year(2011), then present it to the winner. so, you have a chance to own one of kind tinytoadstool beret of yours in the world!!




everyone could entry it!
you should :
* draw in my tinytoadstool beret form in two view, front and side, like my pic.
*sent it in full resolution(at least 1200px wild) to me.
*write your name, age, country and city in your mail.
*subject is "design your tinytoadstool contest"

my mail is

this contest will end on Nov 11th.

mail me if you have any question:)

can't wait your design!!!

Shan Shan
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