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"travel beret" in Russia 06:23
our travel beret have gone to London,
and one of our London member---Irina took it to go to Moscow:D
OMG, Irina chose the most awesome background for the beret!!


St Basil's cathedral is a dream!!!

let me intruduce Irina to you:)
Irina works as a packaging designer,
and does a lot of crafting and crochet in her spare time.



Irina looks very cute in her floral dress, don't you think:)
Irina said,
It was 38ºC in the shade (over 43ºC in the sun!!) all the while I was there, and a bit hazy - the tar marshes around the city start burning when the summer is too hot, and you get a bit of a smoky smell in the morning and a slight haze in the sky.

I knew it was a too hard work in the hot summer,
and Moscow is really a beautiful place!!
big thanks, dear IrinaXD

enjoy Irina's sweet work!

visit Irina's Flickr

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