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"travel beret" in France 15:08
our travel beret was back to Paris again.
Jeanne took the lovely photograph for us:D


let me introduce Jeanne to you:)
Jeanne is a lolita girl,
so she has lots of cute dress and items!
Jeanne live in Paris and work as a production manager for a cartoon studio.




maybe we need a detail of Jeanne's dress,
it looks super cuteXD
here is Jeanne's comment about her photograph.

On a very hot day, Manoly (pseekolec) on FlickR) and I went and took pictures for the Hello Tiny-todastool project, in different places in Paris.
The travelling beret had finally arrived and I was supposed to take pictures of me wearing it in front of a symbol of my town. At first, I got a bit mad when Nancy (from Germany) took pictures of her standing by the Eiffel Tower since I already had this place in mind. Then I thought it would be a good excuse to skip my laziness and make things a bit more exciting. So I had the idea of setting the shoot in front of a place that would represent my own Paris, far from the tourist crowd. I immediately thought of Les Frigos, a former factory (a giant fridge, to be precise) converted in a place of art and creation. There's even a music venue, and you can visit the place and meet the artists once or twice a year. Here is the wiki article

But in the end, it was such a pain to get a proper picture of me AND the place we ended choosing a Plan B and also took pictures of Notre-Dame, the famous cathedral pictures in Victor Hugo's novel.

I was wearing a dress from japanese brand Emily Temple Cute and Melissa/VW flats. I choose this dress because first I am really into Lolita and Otome fashion, and also because a little bunny girl wears a dress that really match the beret, just look closer! I wish I could have worn awesome socks or tights on that day but it was way too hot.
Accessories: Etsy (UntamedMenagerie); Boddywood; handmade.

thank you, Jeanne:D

let's enjoy more about Jeanne's life and work!

visit Jeanne's flickr

*hello tinytoadstool project*
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